Pannett Park

Whitby's Town Park - Home to Whitby Museum and Art Gallery

The Friends of Pannett Park

The Friends of Pannett Park is a voluntary organisation working in partnership with Whitby Town Council and Scarborough Borough Council with the aim of restoring, protecting and improving the Park for the benefit of all.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Friends of Pannett Park were formed in July 2005 and have recently completed a total of 20,000 hours of volunteer gardening in the park. These volunteer hours are more than doubled by work behind the scenes.

If you would like to join us volunteering in the park please contact us via the Pannett Park Facebook messenger.

Weather permitting we usually garden in the park on Tuesday mornings.



The Friends believe that partnership working is the key to the success of the park. 

Events, activities and promotional work are undertaken throughout the year.